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Our Estate
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Mt. Veeder is a dormant volcano and its landscapes can be downright weird: tension of tectonic shift in the plunging canyons; soils of ancient sea-floor shale and sandstone pushed above 1500 feet.

As you would expect from Pott, we respect and nurture the weirdness. We allow a permanent cover crop between our vine rows which supports the microbial world in the soil, and all the attendant birds and beasties above.

We have nesting boxes for owls, bluebirds and bats, and they in turn control insects and other predators. We are 100% organically farmed, and even brew our own “compost teas” for when the vines need a refreshing boost of nutrients.

When it comes time to harvest we pick by hand in to small baskets to avoid premature crushing. We harvest multiple times because different parts of the vineyard ripen at different times. In spite of researching many high tech ways to analyze ripeness we still prefer to pick by flavor, the old-fashioned way. (In other words we eat a lot of grapes!)

Then to the winery where age-old artisanal techniques and indigenous yeasts develop pure, un-adulterated expressions of our site and its beauty.

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