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Claire Pott

About Claire Pott, Co-Owner

I met Aaron and came to Napa from my home country, the UK, in 1999.  I was a working in media when we met, but I had worked in wine bars and restaurants throughout my high school and college years and always loved wine.  My mother, and her parents, were born and raised in pubs in a small town north of London.  We’re not sure how much further back the livelihood goes, but the family name, Spencer, derives from the Medieval/Latin Despenser, the servant whose role was pharmacist and sommelier for the “Lord of the Manor”.

My mum is delighted that we are carrying on the family trade.  For us, wine isn’t just a beautifully expressive living treasure, it’s a keystone of social harmony and human happiness. We honor that every time we toast a bride, or wet the baby’s head, or just have one of those wonderful, evening-long rambling conversations that bring you closer. It makes me proud and happy to think that our wine can contribute to – or cause – those special moments.

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